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Description and use of the product

The immigration system in United States requires the nonimmigrant, immigrant and petitioner population to follow certain procedures and processes. In absence of which or noncompliance of which may result in denial of visa, work permit or authorization to stay in USA. After the initial filing of the case by an immigration attorney or the petitioner or the nonimmigrant beneficiary himself/herself, The US immigration law compliance is often times left to the attorneys to manage when an audit is imminent or the renewal of initial case or any subsequent case is filed to the initial case. When such subsequent cases are filed, the application often times requires the evidence of adherence to the initial granted approval of the case and its terms. These include weather the initial case was for limited stay in USA or work authorization or if the case is related to work visa then the payment of the appropriate prevailing wages by employer and maintaining proper employee employer relationship etc. Immigration attorneys rely on the information and documentation provided by their clients. It is time consuming and tedious task for a nonimmigrant or petitioner to keep all the documentation chronologically filed and kept for use or to produce it as evidence in future case filing or at the time of audit. This immigration compliance system will assist nonimmigrants, immigrants, beneficiaries and petitioners/employers, immigration attorneys and other concerned parties to be compliant with various immigration laws and records retentions, including certain filings on time, location, maintaining the employer and employee relationship with proof, Labor condition application, I-94, visa documentation, passport validity, itinerary, EAD (Employment Authorization Document), employment related documentation (timecards, time off requests, salary slips, vacation requests, approvals, sick leaves approvals,, employment letters, release letters, contract agreements, addendums, client letters, references, reporting details) and other such details and records as required for the immigration compliance.

ImmiCompliance product Summary

The immigration system has set processes and requirements to be considered. The applicant /non-immigrant person or petitioner has to fulfill the requirements of the immigration laws to be granted visa, or permission to stay or work or, continue to stay in the status permitted and/or apply for next stage in the process, such as obtaining the Green Card or US citizenship. These requirements need evidence of education, qualification, experience, prior history of non-criminal record, prior history of lawful residency, relationships with US citizens and myriad other factors depending on the type of visa the applicant is seeking.

Initial application, the subsequent applications with the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) require that the applicant and/or beneficiary and/or petitioner has complied to the terms of initial approval of the case as granted for visa/permit/allowance/grant of entry in US etc. Our Immicompliance system will assist the applicant and/or beneficiary and/or petitioner to comply with the applicable immigration laws by proper and chronological record keeping, information logging, notifying, and sharing the information stored in system with their Attorney/Lawyer/Legal representative etc. The Immicompliance system will have the facility to populate the required immigration forms for use by attorneys or petitioners as needed.

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