About Us

Refund Policy

Infomergy provides you irretrievable services, in terms of refund. We do not provide fee refunds once you have placed the orders for delivering the products. As a client, you are solely responsible for understanding this before utilizing our services.

Nevertheless, there are some exceptional situations with regards to the services we render, where refunds are possible such as:

  • You will be eligible for full refund in case, our product engagements are cancelled prior to our starting the work.
  • Once, we have started the work and the products are partially completed, you will be billed on pro rata basis.
  • Non-delivery of orders/products due to our failure, is permitted for full refund.
  • Major discrepancies from our side: While all the products we offer, are meticulously checked prior to delivering it to you, in rare cases, some unanticipated problems can occur. In such cases, those issues must be submitted to our support team immediately, and, if we fail to respond to your issue within 72 hours then you will be entitled to full refund.

You must understand that we are not responsible for any false or inaccurate information provided by you, which may result in erroneous work from our side. In such case, no refunds will be issued.

Also, Infomergy doesn’t hold responsibility in cases where you furnish partial or incomplete information; No refund will be honored in such cases.

You are bound by terms and conditions of our products and services. In any and all circumstances our liability is limited to the compensation (Fee) we receive from you for our services.

We are keen to assist you in delivering your products. If you have any concerns or questions about this policy, please call us on (469) 932 0060, (714) 462-9303 or contact us by email at support@infomergy.com.